Igor Alexandroff, responsável pelo Alexandroff 3D Studio

Hi. My name is Igor Alexandroff and I don’t play games for 30 days.

Just jocking, played yesterday.

It was in my Sega Saturn (WHAT?) were I started to observe images in 3D and I liked the idea of building a world in a computer.

I’m graduated in Advertising and worked for a few years as a art director in Agencies.

The 3D came first as a tool to improve my layouts and then as my passion.

And from this the Alexandroff 3D Studio has born.

For the last 7 years i’m focused in angles, textures, lights and shadows.

In this time, I had the privilege of working to big brands, make many partnerships with an array of advertising agencies and produce material for importants companies from many areas: architecture, medicine, graduation, culture, entertainment, etc.

So, I must confess: I’m one of the privileged who has fun working.


here, you will find my portfolio, the description of services of Alexandroff 3D Studio, mine inspiration sourcesarticles about business and technical tips to improve your 3D.

Doubts, anguish, criticism or suggestions? Talk to me.