Normal people don’t understand what I do.

How to explain what is 3D and what is his use?

- You work in what?

- I’m a 3D Illustrator.

- Oh…. cool.

Two problems: first, be a “illustrator”. Everyone automatically see’s me as a guy who draw very well. And, besides having a minimum intimacy with pencil and paper, I don’t consider myself, not even by far, a good drawer.

The second problem: the “3D”. Normal people associate this word with Pixar animations, specially the one you see with goggles, or with stereo-grams (those images of optical illusion were you have to fix you sight to “see” 3D.)

So I imagine that people think that I work drawing for Pixar. Hence the “Oh, cool”.

I wish. But to my sorry, that’s not true.

So explain to me, please: how 3D works?

In fact, is really simple: the process is similar to sculpture.

We start from a reference that can be a photo, a rought or a idea.

Then we model the object in 3D, with means that we work the shape in his height, wide and deph.

After that, we create and apply the textures, with are the material that the object is made.

Next step is work the lighting: intensity, light sources and reflections.

And, to end, we render. With means that the computer calculate all this and give back a final image.

That image can be realistic, hyper-realistic, illustration, toon-like, well, it all depend in the initial reference.

Alright, and why I should use 3D instead of a photo, with brings the same result?


If you are from Advertising…

…I would tell you that the photo work very well, since the thing you need to make the photo exists. Or if you need to print this image in a giant panel with 300 dpi. Or if the image is for a competition that you need to deliver tomorrow.

If you don’t use 3D images, believe me, this will change your live: see here how 3D can be useful in advertising illustrationsPOS campaigns applications and environments .

If you are a client…

…know that 3D can bring identical results or better even of a photo, with the advantage of been faster and way cheaper than paying a prototype of the product, or the rent of a studio, the fees of the photographer and his team and the hours of digital treatment of the photo.

If you don’t use 3d images, believe me, this can change you life: see a few products mockupscharacters architectures perspectives.

If you are a normal person…

…know that this is not gonna change your life in any way.

But if you understood how my job works, believe me: it will change mine.


Igor Alexandroff.